Sociedad Española de NeuroImageN

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Sociedad Española de Neuroimagen


NeuroImageN ?

Neuroimaging is a multidisciplinary specialty, composed of biologists, chemists, doctors, engineers, mathematicians, pharmacists, psychologists, physicists, statisticians, technicians...

This richness, however, has involved Neuroimaging to be an orphan specialty, badly represented by its "mother disciplines".

In this context, Sociedad Española de Neuroimagen aims to promote the collaboration and knowledge between the people and sectors of Spanish society related to Neuroimaging.

Nov 2018 - 5th Course in Advanced Neuroimaging

Dates: Start in November 2nd 2015, in-class practices on November 16th and 17th 2018 and from April 1st to 12th 2019. Site: FIDMAG Hermanas Hospitalarias, Hospital Benito Menni, Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona. More informaction at:

Feb 2018 - XIV National Course of Neuroradiology

Dates: February 15-16 2018. Site: Palacio de la Prensa, Madrid. More information at:

Oct 2017 - XLVI Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Neurorradiology (SERN)

Dates: October 26-28 2017. Site: AfundaciĆ³n Vigo. More information at:

Sep 2017 - Official FreeSurfer course

Dates: September 5-8 2017. Site:Campus del Poble Nou. More information at: